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About Alf

Hey gorgeous Mamas! 

Hello from Perth, Australia and welcome to the world of Alf!

Alf bags are the nappy bags you actually want to see hanging from your stroller. They're made of luscious soft leather with silky cow hide detailing. They are really roomy with more pockets than you can poke a stick at, and they're damn pretty. Not like a nappy bag at all really....

Alf was my Grandfather, who after WW2 was a furrier and leather tailor, making fur coats for a living. I think this is where my love of leather and fur first began. My Mom used to tell me stories about the fur coats Alf made for my Grandmother. I now have 14 vintage furs in my own collection.

Alf the Label was born when I was pregnant with my daughter Ari and couldn't find a baby bag I liked. I had previously designed handbags and had them made for myself, so drew up a baby bag and had one made. I had so many comments about where I bought the bag, I realised other mamas out there also wanted something pretty and functional, and not so diaper-bagish. So... Alf the Label was born!

Since we launched in October 2016 we have sent thousands of Alf bags all over the world from our home here in Perth, Australia to mamas who also wanted a baby bag that didn't scream 'I'm carrying a bag full of diapers and wipes!' - a bag that was just as pretty as it was practical and turns heads while strapped to their stroller .

We have caught the eye of a number of well known Mommy bloggers and media in the last couple of years, so check out the Reviews + Media page if you want to read what others think about us... and if you want to know more about me, the face behind Alf, then check out the below article by German website Minis and Monsters. 

Hope you love Alf as much as I do! 

Sophie xo

Sophie Doyle Chief Alf Mama Alf the Label owner founder designer